The Jury Committee will evaluate the nominations as per the criteria and business sector on the basis of their remarkable achievements, outstanding contributions, successful journey in the respective fields, sustainable business growth, generating more employment and new entrepreneurship, continuity & transformation in their business activities, utilization of advanced technology for quality improvement & better productivity and for global competitiveness, adoption of good governance, business ethics & fair business practices, unique strategies for retaining customers & suppliers or any other segments, research, development & design in the specific products & services, products developed for import substitutions & establishment of business cooperation with the Indian and foreign companies for joint ventures, technology transfers, contract manufacturing and contribution for the policy change and its implementation as well as other aspects & initiatives to achieve success in the business & competitive markets. The entrepreneurs or enterprises or institutions or corporates or individuals can apply for multiple award categories, as per their eligibility & achievements in their respective fields.

Selection Procedure

The Selection Committee or Jury or subject matter experts will evaluate and study the nomination form/s and will short list the nominations to recommend to the Management for further review & assessment to finalize the Award winners. The nominations will be considered on the basis of reliable & supportive information & credentials provided in the nomination form and additional supporting documents / other relevant information on business growth with dynamic plan.

Selection Criteria for SMEs (Entrepreneurs and Enterprises)

  • Better Business Management Practices & adoption of Good Governance & business ethics for developing credibility & credit worthiness.
  • Efforts and contributions towards economic, industrial growth, society and Nation building.
  • Advocated for policy change & its implementation in the respective fields.
  • Background, profession, experience, expertise and contribution, First-Generation Entrepreneur or job experience, head or member of family managed businesses or heads of corporates or institutions for the improvement of capacity and capability, expansion and diversification in the respective fields.
  • Utilization of unique Entrepreneurial Leadership qualities for sustainable growth & survive and revive in the competitive era and difficult situations in the local and global markets.
  • Invention, invention, improvement of quality, productivity, services, transformation in operational system, unique strategies for marketing, branding, promotions and other value additions for better business growth, enhancement of sales, profitability and creditability.
  • Unique design, development, transformation, Innovations and Inventions in specific products, technology developed, services, manufacturing excellence & industrial automation.
  • Exclusive research & development of products & services, Adoption of advanced & patented technology, technology development for quality productivity and better services for own business and for society.
  • Unique marketing, promotion and branding strategies for the enhancement of sales & profits.
  • Efforts for employment generation and growth rate year-on-year basis & employees’ welfare.
  • Acquaintance of International Standardization Certificates.
  • Energy conservation measures and industrial safety measures, if any.
  • Social responsibilities & contributions for the society, growth & empowerment of SMEs or Young / Women Entrepreneurs or Start-Ups (by mentoring, guidance, internship, apprenticeship and business growth).
  • Plans for future expansion or diversification, if any.
  • Performance based evaluation in the respective fields.
  • Additional Consideration of various Awards, recognitions and contributions conferred in the last 3 years on the above criteria except political activities.
  • Selection criteria is totally depending on the reliable information submitted by the Applicants and it should not be assumed that the Nominations will be considered. If any nomination is rejected, the organization will not be answerable for the rejection or to give any reasons for the same. The Applicants should evaluate their nominations before submitting to the organization. The growth-oriented nominations will be short-listed and will be submitted to the Jury Members or Selection Committee for further consideration.

Selection Criteria for Corporate, MNCs, Banks, NBFCs, Insurance, PSUs, Education and other Institutions and organisations:

  • Unique efforts for the growth/empowerment of SMEs and Start-Ups.
  • Promotional activities for the benefit of SMEs, Start-Ups and Young & Women Entrepreneurs.
  • Exclusive and unique affordable products and services for SME Sector.
  • Buying products and services from SMEs and support for procurement and supply chain management.
  • Strengthening SMEs to compete with foreign companies in India and Abroad.
  • Educational & awareness programs and various activities for imparting knowledge and skill development of SMEs and their workforces.
  • Redressal of issues on time and handholding during the crisis and critical situations.
  • Supporting for quality & service improvements, product development, design, research, industrial automation, improvement of quality productivity.
  • Supporting SMEs for revival & rehabilitation of sick units, improvement of financial and Business Management Eco-system
  • Unique activities for the promotion of financial products in SME sectors (for NBFCs, Banks and other Institutions).
  • Support services to convert business ideas into profitable ventures.