INDIA SME EXCELLENCE AWARDS has been initiated by SME Chamber of India to recognise Small and Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurs for their exceptional contribution and achievement in the business & industrial activities, Entrepreneurial Leadership qualities, unique vision and mission for business growth, strategies to achieve success in the competitive Market, industrial automation, better financial and business management strategies, good governance & business ethics to create credibility amongst investors, diversification & expansion, innovations & inventions, commercialization of inventions or Research & Developments, adoption of patented & advanced technology for quality productivity, utilisation of exceptional Eco-systems for enhancement of capacities & capabilities, adoption of unique business ideas & concepts for promotion, marketing & branding of products & services, entering into National & Global Markets as well as continuity in transforming business for profitability & converting business into emerging Enterprise.

We are also considering additional efforts by SMEs towards new Entrepreneurship, supporting and motivating Young & Women Entrepreneurs and Start-ups for business growth, developments and converting their business ideas into profitable ventures. SME Chamber of India has been recognizing and branding SMEs and supporters of SMEs for their exemplary achievements for the last 27 years.

The Award winners will be recognized and given the status as the “Role Model or Brand Ambassador or Mentor” to motivate other Entrepreneurs, Young & Women Entrepreneurs and Start-ups to create confidence amongst them to compete at local and global markets for better business growth.